Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is Tim Allen on TV again?

Don't kids say the craziest things? Luke and I were crusin' south bound on the N. Dallas Tollway heading home from work and school when out of no where we have the below conversation.

Luke: "This truck has lots of horsepower, right Dad?"

I'm laughing because I can't recall ever having a horsepower conversation with Luke.

Luke: "Right, Dad?"

Me: still chuckling... "right"

Luke: "What's so funny Dad?"

Me: trying to blow it off... "Nothing"

Luke: "Is it horsepower? Are you laughing at horsepower?"

Me: laughing again... "Yes"

Luke: angry voice.... "Horsepower isn't funny. It's Cool!"

I may be biased but someone seems pretty funny and cool.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun with Luke

Luke's class at pre-school is learning about a new letter each week at school. Below is our conversation this evening.

me: Luke, What letter are you learning this week?
Luke: k

me: Oooooo.... what letter is next week? I knew he was going to be excited
Luke: L!
me: AWESOME! What starts with L?

Luke: Me!
me: Nope that's an M

Luke: no I do
me: that's an I

Luke: What?
me: I is an I

Luke: pointing at his chest repeatedly First Name, My First Name
me: Luke that is an F

Luke: DAD!
me: that one is a D

Luke: Dad you are silly
me: thank you.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

iPad Review - Day 3

A few ramblings on the iPad after 3 days.

My iPad was reserved several weeks ago, Saturday April 4th I went to pick it up as instructed between the hours of 9 and 3. I was a little worried about the pick up as I chose the North Park Mall store by mistake. I felt like the store on Knox would have been less busy and closer to the house. I arrived right at 9 and found myself about 50 people back in the reserved line with another 50 or so in a line without reservations. Apple was well prepared for the big day and had me out the door with iPad by 9:45. Free bottled water, coffee and cheers for each exiting customer helped the time fly by.

Set up was initially very easy. Having an existing iTunes account with Email, Calendar, Contacts, Songs, Video and Apps helped tremendously. Time for bullet points.....

- Apple, shouldn't there be an easier way to upgrade my existing Apps to iPad compatible Apps? I spent several hours searching the App Store for each App I used to see if a new version had been released.

Great Apps for the iPad -

  1. Calendar - It is fantastic. Love the "List" view.
  2. Maps, Mail, Safari - I think they are all the same as iPhone but each seems so much better
  3. TweetDeck, IMDb, USA Today, TFLN - I give them props just for being ready for the iPad, All Good.
  4. Kindle - I haven't used a Kindle but I can't imagine it being much better than the iPad with a Kindle App. FYI, I prefer the Kindle App over iBooks
  5. The Weather Channel - the iPad doesn't have a default weather app and I think this might be why. Fantastic 10 Day forecast, Hourly and Radar.
  6. ESPN XL - Greatness for the sports fan
  7. Netflix - FAST, so FAST.... ready to watch any Netflix movie in less than a minute
  8. Photos - they look incredible.... can Apple add an editor?

- Facebook and Gist why don't you have iPad Apps? The sites look great on Safari but Apps would make it so much better.

- It is my early opinion, restaurants that don't have Wi-Fi will lose some business due to the iPad. I have been out in the field the last two days at lunch time. Each time I looked first for a place with Wi-Fi so I could use the iPad while eating. Side note.... I'm learning to eat left handed so I can keep my right hand free for the iPad.

- I'm new to the Numbers App and it looks great but I think a keyboard is going to be needed for data entry.

- FeeddlerRSS App is a good reader for Google RSS Feeds but it doesn't link to the actual article. That should be fixed.

Overall, I really enjoy the new toy. It is way better than my iPhone but I can't imagine attempting such things as creating this blog entry on it. It is much like HD TV. Completely unnecessary but so fantastic to have.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

what's in a year?

My iPhone caught it all. Well some of it. From September 08 to September 09, I just "dumped" my iPhone photos onto Flickr. Take a look back right here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 year old + 3 year old = Fun

Tonight's conversation:

Me: Ok, boys what are we going to watch before bed?
Luke: Caillou
Beck: Fairly OddParents
Me: boys pick a number between 1 and 5 (emphasis on the 1 and 5)
Luke: Caillou
Me: nope
Beck: 5
Me: oooo.. good guess, Luke?
Luke: 4
Me: Another good guess! but no, boys a number between 1 and 5, not 4, not 5.
Beck: zero
Me: wrong
Luke: zero
Me: (laughing) still wrong
Beck: 11
Me: No
Luke: 15
Me: boys... let's try this again. A number between 1 and 5 not 4 not 5 let's count (holding up 5 fingers)
Boys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Me: (wiggling my middle finger) so the number is...?
Beck: 3!
Me: YES!
Luke: (sad) what number is Caillou?